Get Cheeky: Find your best blush!

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Your dramatic eyes and sexy, pouty lips may steal all the attentions, but the perfect swipe of blush is what really makes you youthful and glowing.

What is Your Right Type of Blush:
Cream Blush works best on dry skinned individuals, because a creamy texture moisturizes the skin and gives it a nice dewy glow.

Liquid Blush or Gel:
Gel or Liquid Blush Stain looks amazing on combination skinned ladies because stains absorb and dry quickly, so that it creates a lasting flushed sheer glow.

Powder Blush:
Powder Blush is a great option for oily skinned individuals, because powder formula creates a matte finish that eliminates shine and stays in place all day long.

How to:

1. PREP To make sure that the blush will sit nicely on your face, smooth on a tinted moisturizer or BB/CC cream on your face first.

2. APPLY Swirl the powder blush on the apples of your cheeks while you smile. A soft, fluffy brush will allow the powder blush to sit on top of your face and prevent it from caking. If you are using a cream blush, use a cheek highlighter brush to stipple the colors onto your cheek for an airbrushed effect. And if you are using a gel or liquid blush stain, use your middle and ring fingers to pat in the color before it rapidly dries. Despite which texture of blush you choose, remember to softly blend the edges slightly up and outward toward your temples, creating a natural flush.

3. REMOVE EXCESS Use a beauty blender or sponge to take off the excess color by patting in small circular motion. Blend, blend, blend to your desired liking.

4. HIGHLIGHT Emphasize your cheekbones by adding a swipe of highlighting shimmer along the highest point of your cheekbone with a fan blush brush for the powder highlighter or your fingers for the liquid highlighter. Powder ones work great on any blush texture, but liquids are best suited for cream or gel.


By Erica Sun

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