Winona Ryder at the Iceman Premiere

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The talented Nick Barose talks us through how to rock dramatic eyes and bold lips together like he did on his client Winona Ryder at this weeks The Iceman NYC premiere.

“Normally there is an unspoken rule that if you’re doing strong eyes, you can’t do bold lips or vice versa…. but sometimes you can break the rules! Glamorous red lips alone can usually make you look too proper or too lady like so by adding some liner too it can make the look a bit edgier.”


•  I started by prepping her skin with sheer tinted moisturizer.
• Then to keep skin from looking too matte, which would have been too retro with the red lips, I dusted sheer luminous powder on T-zone to cut down shine.


• For eyes, it’s dark but more of an eyeliner look as opposed to a full on smoky eyes.
• I simply just lined her upper and lower lash line using a long wearing chocolate brown pencil liner instead of black.
• Line it along upper and lower lash line, try going in the inner rims to to make eyes pop more.
• It’ll add boldness to the eyes but not too smokey, just a sultry eyeliner look (try Armani Eyes To Kill waterproof eyeliner pencil in #2).
•Then add just 2 coats of black mascara (Benefit They’re Real Mascara).


• On cheeks, a hint of sheer pink on apples of cheeks adds a healthy flush. It is all you need (try Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush in 03 Rose Blush).
• People think red lips is so complicated but it’s really not, you just kind of have to go for it!!! I like applying red lipstick directly from the tube. I used Tom Ford Lip Colour in Cherry Lush).
• Skip matching a red lip pencil altogether as it can look severe, especially with red lipsticks. So, I instead did the opposite which is dabbed high lighter concealer (I used Orlane Highlight Care Brush) around the mouth and blend it in, with Q Tips.
• This helps brighten around mouth area so it creates a cleaner backdrop for the red plus it helps the red to stay on and not bleed.

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  1. If I was a make-up artist, it would be a dream to work on Winona’s face. She’s a natural beauty to begin with. Good job, Nick Barose!

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