Makeup tips for your wedding party

The rule of thumb is that your bridal party’s makeup should be natural, sophisticated and somewhat uniform. Lack of continuity can be distracting, for instance if one bridesmaid is very made up while another only wears mascara.  Here are some suggestions to create a cohesive makeup look for your special day:
  • Create a bridal party makeup palette so everyone has a consistent look.
  • Keep the makeup classic and especially enhance the eyes.
  • Choose a lip color and provide leeway for various textures like a stain, matte or gloss.
  • Add a half band of false lashes on the outside corner of the lash line to create a widening effect for the eyes.
  • Use a slightly dark liner like chocolate or black black liner with a little bit of the plum eyeshadow blended over the top to add depth. (Plum enhances most eye colors.)
  • Apply bronzer on the face to warm up the skin.
  • Use a soft pink blush to brighten up the face and give a soft healthy flushed effect.
  • Be flexible and sensitive that a wedding party member may be reluctant to try a new product because it is out of their comfort zone.

These tips will provide a reference point for you to craft a makeup look.  Additionally, for those who don’t wear makeup often, this can (hopefully) be positive and special occasion for them to feel beautiful, polished and uniform, while celebrating you.

Make sure you have a makeup bag on hand with all the staples touch-up items for the evening, especially blotting papers, lipstick, tissue and breath mints.  Lastly, don’t forget about you, the bride!  Set aside a touch-up kit for yourself and designate one of your bridesmaids as the go-to gal who will have your belongings in tow for the evening.

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