How To REALLY Volumize Your Lashes

How To REALLY Volumize Your Lashes
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How to Get Volumized Eyelashes — powered by ehow
The first trick is obviously making sure that your mascara formula is tailored for volume. There are three different types of mascara formulations out there on the market. You have volumizing, lengthening and curling. So, if volume is what you’re after, make sure your formula is specifically formulated for that.
  • Another trick is the perfect mascara application. You want to start as close to the lash line in the base as possible, wiggle and move up.
  • The first way to apply mascara is to hold your eye taut and look down. This way, you have a firm grip on your eyes.
  • Start at the base and wiggles upwards. By holding the eye firmly and pulling, you’re giving the lash line a straight edge and you have full control of where the mascara wand is going.
  • Another trick for volumized lashes, don’t be afraid to apply a second coat. Sometimes we think that we have to stop at our first coat of mascara, that’s not true. You can apply up to three coats and in between, simply use a lash comb to make sure that you don’t have any clumps.

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