Velour Lashes

Velour Lashes

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Velour Lashes For Realistic, Soft, Safe Eyelashes

For those times when you truly want your lashes to stand out, fake lashes add a bit more length and fullness. While they may look great, I hate trying to find the right synthetic lashes that not only last throughout the night, but don’t end up irritating my eyes. As usual, celebrities found the perfect solution – mink eyelashes. Before you say anything, no minks are ever harmed as the lashes are made from the fur the minks shed naturally.

Velour Lashes were an amazing find for me. Since I’m extremely sensitive to synthetic eyelashes, any alternative that looks real and doesn’t end up making my eyes red and puffy is instantly going to catch my attention. While I admit they are more expensive, I can use them up to 25 times each as long as I’m careful with them. Most start at $59.99, though you can get them on sale at times starting at $29.99.

The wide variety of styles for all occasions means I never have to settle for a single look. From fairy tale princess to more realistic full lashes, your eyes will look amazing. Plus, you can get both upper and lower lashes. If you want something that’s soft, beautiful and will make your friends green with envy, you’ve got to try Velour Lashes mink lashes for your next special night out.


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