Two Faced Lashlight Mascara

Two Faced Lashlight Mascara

Image: Beautylish

Since I am always on the go, and traveling for work, I practically live in my car.  Therefore, I keep an emergency makeup kit in my glove compartment.  I cannot count the number of times I have tried to apply mascara in my dark car (come on, that mirror on the visor does nothing), only to end up poking myself in the eye, or getting black all over my lower lid.

This is exactly why I love it when cosmetic companies find new and creative ways to reinvent an old standby.  I think Two Faced Cosmetics had mascara catastrophes in mind when they invented the new Lashlight Mascara.

The slogan says it best, “LASHLIGHT’s exclusive light-up wand spotlights every lash for the perfect mascara application every time.”   It really is so very cool!  And, another added bonus is the very handy mirror on the side of the tube.  Now you can touch up your lashes anywhere.  The mascara is a very rich black, with a smooth application.  The finish is clean, and can be layered, which I love.  I have reapplied this mascara many times through the night, and it never clumps.  Bravo!

Here are the details:
– Formulated to thicken, lengthen, and condition
– Coats lashes with the glossiest of jet-black finish to make eyes look brighter, and whiter
– The patented formula contains millions of microscopic mirrors that bounce light off lashes
– For maximum effect begin at the lash root and brush up with a slight wiggle back and forth
– The slightly tapered brush-tip gives you access to even the tiniest lashes, while perfectly spaced bristles give length and separation without tangles and clumps
– Light-up LED wand spotlights every lash for the perfect mascara application every time

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