Tricia Sawyer Eye Slept

Tricia Sawyer Eye Slept

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You can have the best concealer in the world, but nothing helps those nasty dark circles better than an eye brightener.  The best eye brighteners help to diffuse dark shadows underneath your eyes, and minimize any puffiness.  They create the perfect dark circle duo when combined with your favorite concealer.

Recently, I was able to try the Tricia Sawyer Eye Slept eye brightener. I had high hopes for this little goody, the name alone made me excited–and I am happy to report that I was not disappointed.  The description states it perfectly, “Eye Slept is an instant good night of sleep in a jar. Use under or over make-up any time of the day. Eye Slept is an instant pick me up of lightness and brightness for looking like you slept, even when you didn’t!”  I couldn’t agree more.

This little jar of blue marshmallow goo lightens up those pesky shadows and gives a great base for concealer.  Don’t be afraid of the light blue color, simply tap on the Eye Slept under your eyes and around the inner corners and watch your peepers perk up instantly.

Watch Tricia Sawyer’s video on how to apply this product and her tips on how to look awake and gorgeous.  Actually, watch all her videos.  She is a master and her videos are an amazing tool for anyone.

Makeup Artist Tip: The one main thing about this product is to understand that it is NOT a concealer.  This is a brightener.  You use this little jar of goodness as an eye primer underneath the eyes, and anywhere where your dark circles are.  TAP lightly to apply and build the prodcut coverage slowly. A little goes a very long way.   You can also use this on the rest of the face, around the nose, chin, cheekbone, or upper lip to highlight these areas before you apply foundation.  She has a great video about the tips and tricks you can use with this product.

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  1. I’m just hoping to see Tricia Sawyer’s Eye Slept come back again. I’ve used it for years and I love it, there’s nothing like it on the market and I so want it to come back again, please!!

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