Top 5 Bronzer Tips

Top 5 Bronzer Tips

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Even though this summer is coming to a bittersweet end, your beautiful skin does not have to stop glowing. You can still get that luminous beach tan effortlessly with a few swipes of bronzer. Finding the perfect formula can accentuate and bolden your whole look.

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Lightly sweep a shimmer or sparkle free pressed powder all over your face and neck. The refined powder will eliminate any extra shine and give you a lasting matte finish throughout the entire day.

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Mix the liquid bronzer with your foundation on the back of your hands in a 1:3 proportion before applying it to your face. Using a BB cream will give you a fresh and subtle hint of color without all that heavy makeup feeling. Smooth a few drops of the liquid bronzer across the top of your forehead and cheekbone for a soft touch of highlight.

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Lightly brush on a fine loose bronzer powder all over your face and neck for an even and consistent canvas surface to ensure a nice coverage for your facial blemishes. Next, gently streak the bronzer cream stick on the hollows of your cheek, the side of your temples, and the sides of your noses. You will look funny after you finished applying, but do not worry. You will blend out the harsh lines and colors using Nars Ita Brush or any flat, angular contouring brush. This is perfect for nighttime because you will be that mysterious beauty that steals everyone’s spotlight.

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Moderately dust on some gold sparkly or shimmery bronzer across the tip of your nose, the tops of your cheekbone, and the edge of your jawline to play up your natural skin tone. The shimmers will sparkle beautifully when the light hits your face, giving you that soft and youthful radiance. You can also sweep that same shade of gold-flecked bronzer on your eyelids to complete that warm, golden sunset look.

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Having a multicolored, or gradient bronzer is a makeup essential. It gives you a wider array of choices to give you the right shade of tan you are going for. You can also mix as many shades you want together to get your perfect matching color for evening out your discolored skin tone and covering blemishes and scars. And voila, you can rapidly achieve that flawless, sun-kissed look anytime and anywhere you want.

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