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Nars I will survive kit

I had the pleasure of working with a personal client yesterday, and she asked me to compile a list of my top beauty favorites and recommendations to her.  She was a striking woman in her early 40’s, with a stunning smile, and medium colored skin.  After I made my list of recommendations for her, I realized how universal it was.  This list is truly compiled of some of my all time favorite products that I use in my professional makeup kit, and my personal kit as well.  You can easily tailor some of the recommendations to your skin tone, and skin type.


Elure Advanced Lightening Lotion: this, and the night cream are amazing for lightening up melasma and other scars. I had a client with horrible acne scars, and this did wonders.

Rodin Olio Lusso: this is a godsend for dry skin. It is also perfection to help make your skin look awake. All you need is a tiny drop. Don’t be afraid that it is an oil, as I have had some of my most oil and acne riddled clients become transformed by this oil. It is amazing.

Philosophy Purity Face Wash: This is a great face wash that obliterates any trace of makeup, and leaves the skin super soft.

Orlane Morning Recovery Serum: I included this for travel. This is great for when you are jetlagged, but need to look refreshed. Put it on before your foundation. It is nicknamed the “hangover miracle” as well.


Smashbox Luminous Primer: This is the primer I rave about. It gives such a stunning glow to the skin, and really helps to even out the skintone. Bonus: feel like silk, and makes the skin look so pretty, you won’t need as much powder.

Clairins Instant Smoothing Essentials: I used this on all my clients. You can use this throughout the day on top of your powder if you are getting dry. The red “magic pen” is perfect for around the eyes, or any other place you want to “blur”. The lip balm is fantastic as well.

Youngblood Mineral Foundation: Youngblood is very hydrating, gives superior coverage and looks very smooth on the skin.

Make Up Forever HD Concealer in #345 and #350: I used these concealers on almost all skintones. Use the #345 all around where you want extra coverage. Use the #350 under your eyes to look awake and refreshed. The peach in the 350 is perfect for tired eyes and traveling.


Make Up Forever Aqua Eyeliner in #10L Bronze, and #6L Plum: These are the two eyeliners I used on 75% of my clients.  I also use them personally. The bronze goes under the lower lash line, and the Plum on the top lash line, and the very corners of the lower lash line. They are waterproof, and very easy to blend. You can also mix the two colors together!

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette: This has all the bronze and plums that magically make almost every eye color pop. The colors are satin, without a lot of glitter.


Make Up Forever Aqua Lipliner in #2L: The waterproof lip liner that I used on fair to medium skintones. A great rose toned neutral.

NARS “I will survive kit” : I use this personally. This kit is awesome. The blush, lipgloss and lipliner are all the perfect peachy-rose.

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