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Youngblood Lipgloss

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I am always asked the same question, “What is the perfect shade of gloss for me?”.   It seems we are all on a never ending quest to find that fantastically flattering color that will make our lips perfectly lustrous.   I have to admit, I am always on the hunt for the perfect pink.  I have hundreds of lipsticks and glosses that are all within one or two shades darker or lighter than the other.  One has gold flecks, the other iridescent silver, and they all are so very close to that desired peachy pink perfection.  That color that will make my lips look ever so kissable and plump!

So, what are the two best shades I have found?  They are both soft pink, with a hint of iridescence, and incredibly shiny.  I have used them on everyone, on every shoot imaginable, and they have never failed me.

MAC Lusterglass in Wonderlust is a classic pink with a hint of shimmery coral.  This is a true beauty, and I have used it on the fairest of fair (namely me!)  to the beautifully tanned.

Youngblood Promiscuous Gloss  is amazing for darker skin tones.  It is a bit brighter in the tube, but goes on sheer and gives the perfect watermelon pink tint.

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