The Brush Guard

The Brush Guard

Every trained makeup artist knows that having a wide array of soft, durable, and professional brushes are key to a flawless application.  A good makeup brush can create an airbrushed finish, help to blend away imperfections, and give a precise eyeshadow application.  I collect brushes, and understand that they are a worthwhile investment for my kit.

The Brush Guard is a very cool new invention that helps to keep your makeup brushes in tip top shape!  These guards are a flexible, bendable, breathable tube that helps to keep the bristles hygienic and retain their shape.  I cannot count the number of times I have cleaned my brushes and rushed to put them away, only to find them frayed and out of shape from warped drying.  Ever since I have started using these guards, my brushes have dried perfectly.  The guards are also amazing for travel, and will help to keep your brushes from messing up your makeup bag.  Here are the details:

The Brush Guard is a stretchable, breathable tube which protects your makeup brushes:

  • While Drying—brushes can dry bristles down so gravity pulls moisture away from the ferrule. The Brush Guard lets air circulate so bristles dry quickly and stay in perfect shape
  • In Use—handle stays clean and grips better
  • In Storage—no snags or squishing
  • On the move—perfect packing

They come in five different packages: assorted or packages of all one size

  • Variety pack—assortment of each size
  • Ex. Small—Shadow/Liner
  • Small—Blush
  • Medium—Foundation
  • Large—Powder/Kabuki

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