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I was recently sent an article by fellow makeup artist extraordinaire Tina Turnbow, interviewing her client Tea Leoni for NYTimes.com.  I adored how honest Tea Leoni was in regards to her makeup and skincare regimen.  I also couldn’t agree with any more with her recommendations.  I am a huge fan of Jane Iredale mineral makeup, and Prtty Peaushun skintight body lotion.  As you can see from her gorgeous face, they look lovely on her and give her a stunning glow.

“They say laughter is the best medicine, and after a few days of working with Téa Leoni I was feeling pretty healthy. She was doing press and the premiere for her new movie, Tower Heist, opening Nov. 4. She plays a special agent in the movie, which also stars Alan Alda, Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy. I believe her glowing beauty is due, in part, to her honesty, humor and refreshing approach to life. And some products even I had never heard of!”—Tina Turbow

T.T.: You have a sun-kissed glow. What is your sun secret?

T.L.: Aqua Tan self-tanning products and latex gloves! To spice up the glow and moisturize my body, I use Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion. It’s all natural, with 92 percent raw ingredients. It conceals minor imperfections and has arnica in it. For my face I like Jane Iredale Purepressed Base Mineral Foundation in Golden Glow.

T.T.: Do you feel your approach to and appreciation of cosmetics have changed over time?

T.L.: Yes! I’ve always taken a simple approach with my makeup. But about five years ago, I started getting more into it. I started to feel more washed out as I got older. I appreciate how much makeup helps to define my brows and lashes now. And how cheek stains and bronzer give my face more color.

T.T.: What are your everyday makeup essentials?

T.L.: To plump up my lashes I like Maybelline XXL Pro Volume Mascara. I do a little liner on the upper lash line using Sonia Kashuk’s Eye Definer in Iced Coffee. She also has some great cream eye shadows. I define my brows with L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist pencils. For my cheeks and lips I like Tint Hint by Laura Geller and O-Glow by Smashbox. I like lip products that taste good, something with all-natural ingredients, like Josie Maran’s Argan Lip Treatment. To top it off, I don’t go anywhere without a spritz of my favorite Le Labo fragrance- usually Neroli 36.

T.T.: Whose beauty do you admire and relate to most?

T.L.: I’d have to say Lauren Hutton. I admire her natural simplicity. A flick of mascara, a gap-revealing smile … and done. She is comfortable as-is, with what-is.

T.T.: Do you have any personal style rules you could share?

T.L.: I like a bit of irony in my style. Modern, vintage, real and fake. I like items with sentimental value. Day-to-day, I wear Rag & Bone jeans and cowboy boots. My favorite color is every hue of blue. But, you should never wear head-to-toe anything.

T.T.: How do you stay so fit?

T.L.: I just keep moving! I walk a lot. My kids, Miller and West, keep me pretty active, too.

T.T.: Do you keep a close eye on your health?

T.L.: I try. When I’m not treating my body well, it holds up a sign to let me know. I’m really into raw kale salads right now, with cranberries and walnuts. I make this Asian orange dressing that is out of this world.

T.T.: Let’s talk about your lovely hair. You have been working with the hairdresser Laurent D for 25 years. How did you two meet?

T.L.: I moved from New York City to L.A. to work on Charlie’s Angels around 1988. The lead hairdresser for the show was José Eber. He introduced me to Laurent D, and we’ve worked together ever since. I use his Privé hair care products. I hate to brush my hair, it gets too fluffy, so I especially like his Finishing Texture Spray. The Privé Concept Vert shampoo and conditioner are great, and 100 percent green. I go to Dawn in the Privé salon in L.A. for my color. They have a full spa there, with head-to-toe beauty treatments, even Botox.

T.T.: Are you a fan of Botox?

T.L.: I have a fear of Botox because I know it will make me look better and then I’ll be addicted. I don’t believe you should get so obsessed. What I am concerned with is taking care of my skin as well as I can. Giving it the best chance it has to age gracefully. I will be one of the only 75-year-old actors who will look their age. At castings, it has become difficult to find actors to fit into certain age groups, since two thirds of them have had facial work done. The reworked face is a recognizable face.

T.T.: The products you’re using are doing a good job! What might they be?

T.L.: I use this amazing skin-care line by the dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Giles. It is called FIX Malibu. She also has a skin clinic, and they give wonderful facials. It has really made a big difference in my skin. The Immaculate Complexion Smoothing Serum is one of my favorites.

T.T.: What was moving to L.A. like, after growing up in New York?

T.L.: I was over L.A. in 19 months, and ended up there for 19 years. I was so starved for culture.

T.T.: Have you always been drawn to comedy?

T.L.: I grew up around what I like to call “sob street,” near Lenox Hill Hospital, which is at 77th Street and Park Avenue. There were always people walking around, taking breaks from visiting loved ones. I would always try to console them and cheer them up. I think I got into comedy because I wanted to make people laugh.


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