30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Spring Cleaning Challenge Peonies on Desk

High Street Market After being ridiculously proud of ourselves with the New You challenge in January, we thought we’d do it again: this time for Spring Cleaning (i.e. What should we clean in or out of our lives for a month?). Our closets? Bodies? Inboxes? We’re sooo excited. Follow along and choose one for yourself, […]

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January: The New You Revival

January New You Revival

At The Makeup Blogger we’re all for taking small steps toward your goals, whether it’s something simple like eliminating unnecessary apologies (e.g. “Sorry!” when someone bumps into you) or finally turning your passion project into a full-fledged business. So instead of declaring on Facebook that we’re going to pull a total 180 in 2017, we’ve […]

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Resolve to Tell Yo Truth in 2017

Tell the truth

Illustration by Rebecca Flato Truth be told: I’m a bit of a fibber. I’m not an out-and-out liar; my deceit is the kind that many of us indulge in—people-pleasing, refraining from telling the whole truth, lying when I’m afraid to be fully authentic, in relationships and in life. I justify my lies by telling myself […]

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