Oscar Beauty Equally Rivals Oscar Flub

Charlize Theron, Taraji Henson, Emma Stone Red Carpet glamour

There are many years when a dress becomes a post-Oscars hot topic (who could ever forget Halle Berry’s strategically placed floral embroidery?). This year, all anyone could talk about is the biggest flub in Oscar history — when the beloved Bonnie and Clyde duo were given the wrong envelope for “Best Picture” and hijacked the […]

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Fact: Men Are Vainer Than Women

Vanity and male celebrities

As The Makeup Blogger’s resident pop culture anthropologist, the 2017 Golden Globes stood out in a number of ways to me. It wasn’t just Meryl Streep’s speech or the triumph of diversity, it was the egregious use of male bronzer. Perhaps it was my friend’s HDTV, or maybe it was the poor blending job along […]

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