Luxury Brands That Are Changing the Vegan Skincare Game

New Vegan Beauty Masks Changing Skincare

Luxury skincare products are a holy grail for beauty enthusiasts. Does the vegan stuff actually stand a chance?  When I was in college over 12 years ago, veganism looked like this: waif-thin, black-rimmed glasses, hardcore band T-shirts, tattoo sleeves and sometimes a very militant attitude to put the image over the edge. As a vegetarian […]

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Secret to Beautiful Hair, Skin and Nails

Seaweed. You heard me. Those shiny, slippery plants from the sea are the secret to luminous beauty. But I’m not talking seaweed body wraps, or scrubs, or even seaweed in your shampoo. I’m suggesting that you eat the stuff. You see, seaweed is one of the best-known sources of minerals for the human body, and […]

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It’s Spring: Diet or Align?

Spring: diet or align

It’s spring!!  Time to clean out the closet, dump the Bad Boyfriend, and most importantly… start that grueling detox. … Or is it? As we turn this seasonal corner from winter to spring, it’s normal to feel a desire to purge; we want to diet, detox, and get the gunk out. But often, after a […]

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