My Q&A with Swide Magazine

My Q&A with Swide Magazine

Image Courtesy of Dolce Gabbana

I am still shocked when this blog is talked about in the media.  There is apart of me that still believes that I am simply talking with friends, and spreading the word on my newest beauty treasures.  These past few weeks have been filled with work, and have left me little time to devote to my “beauty journal on the web”.   Last night, after a tremendously long 14 hour day of work, I was overwhelmed to discover an interview I had done back in February for Dolce and Gabbana online magazine  It reminded me of why I adore this blog, and my work.

I am sharing this interview with you, and I hope it provides some tips, tricks, and an inside look into my world.  Thank you again to Delphine Hervieu for a wonderful article, and for reminding me that the lack of sleep and hard work is all worth it!

“Everybody wants to blog about fashion, but what about beauty? Makeup and skincare surely require some knowledge so it seems more difficult to pretend and act as a wannabe make-up artist without being very quickly disqualified. Christina Farrell who has already proved with her career that she is a pro, decided sometime ago to create her blog to meet the needs of all the people that would ask her for some tips on a set, in the street or at a party. It is a friendly communication via a blog simply called, The Makeup Blogger. To respond to any preconceived ideas: our blogger does not have a flawless skin, she does not recommend an extensive use of products and her beauty secret is not complicated. Her interest in makeup started when she was still a teenager trying to find a solution to the dark circles under her eyes, as she puts it “Due to my Italian/ Scottish heritage my fair skin is riddled with dark under eye circles”. Her first beauty love story was with a Clinique concealer. From then on, she got more into makeup and eventually made it a living. Following the online wave she launched her website and her blog. She does it all herself and manages to communicate almost daily with her readers via a newsletter. How inspiring! If you wonder how she finds the time to keep all her plates spinning, the answer might to be found in her first beauty principle: smile and you will instantly glow, laugh and you will have won half of the battle.”

1/ Make-up is bounded to fashion. Beauty looks are set most of the times in preparation of fashion weeks and revealed on the catwalk. However do you think there are some work- for- any-occasions, timeless looks?  

CF: Of course. Makeup artists always rely on and come back to the classics.  A soft pink cheek, soft rose lips, and a neutral eye work for everyone.  And you can always count on a red lip to be elegant and timeless.

2/ Make up is ruled by beauty that is defined by society. Today would you say that this kind of skin ornament is a tool to hide flaws or to enhance natural beautiful attributes?  

CF: It can be both. We all have our little flaws that we would like to conceal.  And concealing those things can allow you to, in turn, enhance the parts of your face that you are proud of.  I have horrible dark circles, my concealer gives me the coverage to hide those so I can enhance my eyes with confidence.

3/ Which shows have you the most enjoyed working on? 

CF: Bess was my absolute favourite because the show was so inventive, and I was working with a makeup team that were all my friends.

4/ Which brands/ designers are on your to-work-for wish list? 

CF: Too many to count. But, I would love to work with Christian Seriano, because his clothes are amazing, and he is hilarious!

5/ Do you think that they are make-upistas as they are fashionistas? 

CF: I think you have to be a bit of a fashionista to be in the makeup industry.  You have to be aware of styles and trends. They go hand-in-hand.

6/ Who is your fashion icon if you have any? 

CF: Audrey Hepburn.

7/ Blogs and bloggers are very controversial topics, why did you decide to create your blog, what was the initial concept? 

CF: I was actually going to school to be a writer when my makeup career took off, so for me it was a natural segue. I was constantly being asked what products, and tips I used; starting a blog was a simple way to get that information out there. My concept has always been to be honest, humorous, and to make my blog feel as if your best girlfriend is giving you some advice.

8/ You are a very active blogger and send daily newsletters to your subscribers, how do you manage to have time to do it all? Do you have assistant bloggers to help you?

CF: I wish I could have assistant bloggers!  But, my blog has too much of a personal look & feel to have any one else writing for me. Trust me, it is a full time job and there are nights that I am up until 4am trying to get it all done. I try my best to keep on top of it all by planning posts in advance.

9/ Is blogging your second job or did it become somehow the main one?  

CF: It is still my second job at the moment. I refuse to take payments for reviews, or for links. When you read a review, or go to a link, you can be sure that I am not getting paid for suggesting.

10/ What is your three-minute daily routine? 

CF: A good moisturizer, concealer, cheek stain, mascara, and a soft lip gloss.  If I have a little more time, some mineral powder where extra coverage is needed and bronzer.

11/ Do you have a reliable big –event look?  

CF: Smokey eyes, and false lashes on the corners.  I tend to stick with soft shimmery taupes, greys, and deep burgundies for night.  Sometimes I will mix it up with deep bronze, and mahogany.  Finish it off with a nude gloss, and I am good to go.

12/ What is your signature make-up detail?

CF: Flawless skin. If your foundation isn’t done to perfection, it ruins the rest of the makeup.

13/ Never a day without…?

CF: Concealer

14/ What is always to be found in your bag? 

CF: Travel sizes of everything.  Right now I have tinted moisturizer, powder foundation, a blush/bronzer duo, lipstick, gloss, and mascara.  I am always prepared.  And yes, my bag is ridiculously heavy.

Swide’s 5 Q/A

1/ White or black for the eyes?

CF: I am always on the fence about white.  It must be used carefully. Black is amazing for a catwoman look , or some rock chic smokey eyes.

2/ Short or long for the hair?

CF: Either way.  If you can do the short hair, than go for it!  I just can’t pull that off, so I have always had long hair.

3/ Day or night?  

CF: I am a night owl for sure.  My brain wakes up when the sun goes down.

4/ Shout or whisper?  

CF: Depends on the occasion!

5/ Lead or follow a beauty trend?  

CF: Both. I don’t believe in rules when it comes to beauty.


Describe NY Fashion Week in 3 words:

CF: Inspiring, exciting, elegant.

Fashion shows you have attended:

CF: I have been working backstage, as well as covering shows for my blog. Bess was one of my favourites.

Your anticipated shows:

CF: I was looking forward to attending The Green Shows, and Phillip Lim.

Your fashion week look:

CF: Boyfriend blazers, big soft pashmina scarves, skinny jeans, black knee high boots, and layered cardigans.

Look good morning tips:

CF: Bobbi Brown tinted eye moisturizer, Senna Mineral eye lift and Youngblood foundations.

Night rescue tips:

CF: Creme de La Mer for the skin and Moroccan Oil for the hair.

What will keep you going?

CF: Lots of kombacha, energy bars, and the fashionable buzz around me.

What will be in your bag?

CF: My iPod, cocoa butter hand cream, Korres lip balm, smashbox photo op, my blackberry.

What will be on your feet?

CF: My riding boots.

Your NY spot to re-energise between the shows?

CF: Any restaurant in the city. Amazing food, great people and nice atmosphere…


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