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My dear friend Andrea owns an amazing organic spa in San Diego, and every time I go to visit her I end up indulging in all her Suki skincare products.  I have been known to stand in front of her skincare display and play with the testers of lotions and oils, which I happily apply to my face (she thoroughly enjoys making fun of me for this little routine).  I keep going back to the same two products, and love them every time I use them.  I think I have cleaned her out of testers….

Suki Organic Intensive Brightening Lotion gives a fresh, youthful glow to the face and feels absolutely light and silky on the skin. The lotion skins into the skin immediately and doesn’t leave a trace of residue or oiliness. The lotion helps with improving clarity and helping to fade discoloration, age spots, or acne scars.

The Suki Organic Intensive Brightening Lotion includes:

– Time-release vitamin c glucoside, natural active collagen, standardized green tea
– Organic roses in their high potency organic botanic concentrate™
– Solves dullness, discolorations, dehydration, puffiness, sun damage & redness
– Evens tone without bleaching
– Fights free radical damage, improves overall radiance
– Helps prevent visible signs of premature aging & helps reduce inflammation, redness & spots

The next product that I have been impressed with is the Suki Bio-Active Purifying Serum. I first made the mistake of slathering this oil all over my face, and promptly broke out the next day. Normally, I would have tossed this pimple inducing product into the nearest garbage can, but I couldn’t help but be amazed at how much it pulled out and purified all the clogged areas in my skin. I decided to try the oil again, but this time only place it on top of the areas on my face that needed some extracting (cysts be gone). Anyone who has cystic acne knows that those little monsters are miserable, and impossible to clear up. Well, this powerful oil does the trick. I am now in love with this bottle of cyst zapping wonderment. Just make sure to only put it where the problem areas are!

Benefits of the Suki Bio-Active Purifying Serum:

– Provides potent anti-inflammatory benefits
– Helps to reduce impurities & breakouts
– Rapidly rejuvenates skin cells
– Boosts collagen production
– Helps to inhibit bacteria production
– Promotes wound healing
– Decongests pores

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