Stila Kitten Silk Eyeshadow Wash

Stila Kitten Silk Eyeshadow Wash

Image: Sephora

Kitten eyeshadow has long been a celebrity, consumer and makeup artist favorite.  This best selling shade is a flattering beige pink with gold undertones and a soft shimmer finish.  It looks amazing on everyone, and is the go to shade for a simple, classic eyelid look.   I use this personally and professionally, and find that it is the eyeshadow I reach for when I need a soft, illuminating look for the eye.  It is an instant refresher, and a great color to perk up the eyes after a long night out about town.

That’s why I was thrilled to try out the newest version of the infamous Kitten eyeshadow.  Stila Cosmetics has come out with a  liquid-to-powder version of the original.  The new Kitten Silk Eyeshadow Wash is a sheer, eye gloss and can be used as an eyelid primer.  Amazing!

I can already tell this is the product I will be using all summer, when I want to achieve that angelic, innocent glow.

Makeup Artist Tip:  For an intense nighttime version of this look, layer the two Kitten products together.  Apply the eyeshadow wash first, wait for it to dry and then apply the original eyeshadow all over the lid with an eyeshadow brush.  This application technique will help your eyeshadow stay on all night, and give you a deeper version of the shadow.


  1. Great review! You know I have this and have never even tried. Do you think it will work for my oily lids?

  2. Try it! It dries down to a powder,so it could work. The color might be alittle white on your skin tone though.

  3. Ok, I’ll pass on white skin. LOL. But perhaps it will make a good base for vibrant colors. Thanks for the feedback.

    Re Reeeeee!!!!

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