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Camera Ready BB cream

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The search for a fabulous concealer is always going on for most beauty junkies and that includes me. I’m Marcia from Beauty Info Zone and I’ve reviewed at least a dozen concealers on my blog. I have found a few that I love but that doesn’t mean I’m not always searching for something new since you just never know when that “holy grail” item will come along.


Smashbox Camera Ready BB Eye Cream ($39) is the latest that I’ve added to my collection. I bought it because I love BB Creams (even though I’ve never tried the one from Smashbox) and because I love the idea of having Broad Spectrum SPF 35 in the product.

What makes it so interesting is that it’s really an eye cream that has the benefits of a BB Cream. It’s packaged in a wand that clicks up to allow the product to flow out into an applicator brush. It comes in 5 shades. I’m almost always the lightest shade in foundations and concealers and Fair works well for me. It blends onto my skin seamlessly. Other shades are Light, Light/Medium, Medium, and Dark.

Here are some of the pros about this BB Eye Cream:
· -The Fair matches my skin perfectly.
· -It’s great to prime the area under my eyes.
· – Broad Spectrum SPF 35 is a bonus.
· -It’s very hydrating; I always feel my eyes are well moisturized when using this.
· – It’s pretty good about concealing dark circles (but notice I didn’t say great).

Here are some of the cons in my opinion:
· -The price is high at $39.00. There’s only 0.12 oz in the tube so mostly you are paying for packaging.
· – According to Smashbox it visibly smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. I don’t find that at all. Luckily the lines under my eyes are very fine but they don’t look visibly smoother when using this.
· – It doesn’t last the entire day. It looks good almost all day but by dinner time I can see it looking somewhat crepey under my eyes. It’s easy to smooth out but it never feels perfect once this happens.
· -If you have serious concealing to do, I don’t think this is the tool for the job.

While I haven’t fallen in love with Smashbox Camera Ready BB Eye Cream, I’m not sorry I bought it and I’ve been using it often. Smashbox says that over time it will reduce those dark circles but I’m not so sure about that, especially when I jump around from product to product between being fickle and testing new concealers out. Put this on your list if you have dryness under your eyes since it’s perfect for hydrating that area.

I’ve read complaints on Sephora about the brush being stiff and the product being dry but that doesn’t describe the Smashbox BB Eye Cream I’m using. I’ve been using this for a few months and the brush is as soft as ever as is the product.

As for my favorite undereye concealers I’d rate It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye and tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer as my top two. Both are around the same price but with more than double the amount of product. Am I sorry I bought the Smashbox? No way, I’m using it often and will use it even more once the sun isn’t hiding from me.

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  1. I have that bb cream (Bought it the other day) and I personally find that it’s really good for under my eyes to freshen up my eyes. However, I would say that if you want a cover up for spots it’s not the right product!
    I love your post, Christina; your style of writing is so engaging and really captured my attention!

  2. I currently use Garniers under eye roller/concealer combination and like it, but I’d gladly try the Tarte concealer if it works better and has better coverage. I’ll definitely be taking a look at the Tarte concealer next time I’m in sephora!

  3. Ms Christina i really feel interesting with your beauty articles . 🙂

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