Skindinavia Makeup Finish

Skindinavia Makeup Finish

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I have been secretly doing a test for the past couple of weeks.  For some time now I have been trying to master the art of keeping my makeup from fading.  Makeup meltdown is frustrating, especially when you are trying to look fresh and fabulous.  How do you keep your makeup clean, dewy, and picture perfect all day and into the night?  The answer is easier than you think.

For the past month I have been using Skindinavia makeup finishing spray, and I am incredibly impressed. I was introduced to them a few months ago, and had put it aside because I was afraid of my skins reaction.  I have had some very bad reactions to makeup sprays in the past (itchy skin, burning eyes, flaky makeup), but I have had none of that with this spray.  This makeup spray makes my makeup stay on all day, look dewy, and keeps the oil at bay.  I have tried it out during a 12 hour work day, a night on the town with the girls, and even during my dance class.  It held up every single time.  This has now become a permanent step in my makeup routine.  I actually notice the days when I forget to use it.

Another great thing about Skindinavia is that they have 8 different sprays so that you can find the formula that works for you….or you can have them all on hand for every occasion!

Makeup Finish Spray – the original long wear
No More Shine Spray – oil control formula
10 Years Younger Spray – visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles with 6 moisturizers
Mineral Makeup Finish – made to reduce the powdery finish of mineral makeup
Cool Flash Makeup Finish – cooling technology for heat and humidity
Bridal Makeup Finish – made to work with pictures and long lasting hold
Dance! Makeup Finish – active use makeup hold
Jet Set Makeup Finish – refreshes fatigued makeup


  1. I love your site! If I’m looking for makeup or beauty products I come here. Thanks for all your reviews and insight. You rock!

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