Are These Facial Oils Really Worth the Hype?

Best Facial Oils Goop Vintner's Daughter Herbivore Provision. Organic natural face oil.

My combination/acne-prone skin has been problematic ever since those tragic years of puberty and into pretty much all of my adult life. After living through the era of oil-free everything, when skin care brands vilified any type of facial oil for those who suffered from shine, bumps and pimples, it’s almost unbelievable that face oils […]

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Juice Beauty (and Their Love Affair With Gwyneth Paltrow)

Juice Beauty Phyto Pigments

Juice Beauty Juice Beauty is one of our Holy Grail skincare and makeup lines because of its organic ethos and high-performance botanical ingredients. I mean, who else uses radish roots as preservatives and argan powder, rose powder and purple carrot for mascara pigment? That’s revolutionary stuff, and it’s all thanks to their visionary founder Karen […]

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Beauty’s Only Skindeep: The Truth About Skin Penetration

Image: Brown Eyed Toast Your skin is your hero. It’s always there, slamming its wizard staff to the ground proclaiming “You shall not pass!” to all those evil bacteria and external toxins. Obviously, your hard-working outer shell deserves to be nourished deeply. But when you slather on expensive products that claim to do magical things […]

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