Senna Mineral Mix Pressed Foundation Duo

Senna Mineral Mix Pressed Foundation Duo

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I often talk about my lazy ways when it comes to my personal makeup.  I adore makeup, but when I am in a hurry I have a set look for my work, and for everyday.  I need to get in and out of the bathroom in 5 mins stat.  For me, my most important task is to even out my skin and make it look flawless…fast!

That’s why I have always been a big fan of powder foundations.  The trick is to find a powder that doesn’t sacrifice quality for coverage.  You want a foundation powder to give a medium (or buildable) coverage, without being too matte or cakey.  The key is to find one that gives a radiant finish, doesn’t clog your pores, and has some staying power.  Quite a large list of qualifications for a product to live up to!

My newest favorite is from Senna Cosmetics.  This powder lives up to all the qualities I demand in a product.  As an added bonus, the Mineral Mix Pressed Foundation Duo has UVA/UVB sunscreen protection.  The foundation gives a full coverage, all while looking very natural and helping to minimize fine lines and large pores (Thank you Senna!).   I also love the fact that you can custom blend your colors, which is imperitive for the upcoming summer months.  I keep this baby in my purse, and I have already gone through two powders, which is saying a lot from a makeup junkie like myself.

Makeup Artist Tip:  I also make sure to keep the Secret Set Mineral Buffing Powder
in my purse for daily touch ups and to sustain the powders staying power.  This amazing little setting powder completes the foundation powders glorious finish and is fine enough to be used over your concealer!  This little wonder will not sit in fine lines, or cake.  For oiler skins, this powder is great to have on hand for T-Zone touch ups.


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