Senna Cosmetics Mineral Eye Lift Powder

Senna Cosmetics Mineral Eye Lift Powder

For the past two weeks, I have been working and traveling with The Powder Group.  I adored every minute of it, but needless to say I wasn’t able to get very much rest.  The bags and dark circles under my eyes gave away my exhaustion, yet I had to look awake and alert at all times.  Not an easy task.

Thankfully, I found my own personal makeup superhero.  Every morning I entrusted my weary eyes to Senna Cosmetics Mineral Eye Lift Powder and this miraculous powder helped me look renewed, refreshed and bright eyed.  There were mornings where I was convinced that nothing would help to silence the circles that shouted to the world that I was surviving on no sleep, and yet this litter wonder always saved me.

The texture is buttery, and the powder never settles into fine lines or cakes up over your concealer.   The company’s description sums up this faultless powder better than I could:

“This addictive translucent yellow powder uses HD light diffusing mineral pigments to instantly brighten under eye darkness, give a non-surgical eye lift, smooth expression lines, and mimic an 8 hour sleep. Hydrating and puff busting Golden Seaweed helps stimulate collagen to repair while you wear.”

Makeup Artist Tip:  Be sure to use a soft, fluffy brush to apply this powder.  A stiff brush will cake up the powder under your eyes. Try the Baby Face Brush for the softest application. If your circles are severe, try combinding this powder with Senna’s new HD Hydra-Cover Concealer.  This concealer has three shades of peach toned concealer that contains Hyaluronic filling spheres, and collagen stimulating Malachite.

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