Rosie Jane Cheek Gloss

Rosie Jane Cheek Gloss


When summer hits, makeup melts.  It’s always sad to have to say goodbye to my beloved powder blushes, but when it’s hot out they just won’t do.  During the summer, I usually switch to a cheek stain or color cream.  Something that leaves that “I just had a hot affair”  flush.  Really, you don’t want to look like you have a ton of makeup on in the scorching summer.  There is nothing sexy about makeup melting down your face.

In my summer search for a new cream or blush tint, I have found an impressive new find.  I have been reading about Rosie Jane Cosmetics for a while now.  Her line is a celebrity favorite, with Eva Longoria, and Cameron Diaz  on the long list of faithful followers.  Therefore, it is no surprise that I had to find out what all the fuss was about.  Now I know.  Her Cheek Glosses rock.  I got Marigold, which is a golden bronze, and leaves a very natural “glow” to the skin.  The cheek glosses can also be used on the lips, and leave a sheer, shiny finish.  But don’t be afraid by the term gloss, although these tiny pots have a bit more sheen to them than a normal cheek tint, they are still incredibly natural looking.  A great bonus is the staying power.  This stuff will definitely beat the summer heat, and survive a meltdown.

I am very happy with this fabulous find, and will be buying up the rest of these cheek glosses.  They come in three colors, all meant to leave a sexy flush to the cheeks.  Perfect for my summer routine.

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  1. I agree totally! Summer = cheek stain or cream! I will be checking out your recommendation of Rosie Jane – never heard of this line! Cool!

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