Radiant Cosmetics

Radiant Cosmetics

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I am always so thrilled when I am introduced to a company that provides a product that is produced to bring more to our community than just lipstick. Let me introduce you to Radiant Cosmetics.  I was blown away by this company’s mission, and credo to utilize and combine the need for amazing beauty products with the dire need to help stop human trafficking.  How could I not become involved?

Radiant Cosmetics is an incredible line of beauty products, dedicated to providing 20% of all sales to help raise awareness, and stop human trafficking.  It is an incredibly dedicated company, and can the simplest act of buying a lipstick worth so much more.  Please support their cause, and next time you think of purchasing a new lipstick color, look to them.

By definition Radiant means:

  1. Emitting rays of light and brightness.
  2. Brimming with joy, hope etc.
  3. A point or object from which rays proceed.
  4. Marked by or expressive of love, confidence, or happiness.

“Frankly speaking, radiant simply means that we act as a catalyst for change in this world. As a cosmetics company, we seek to set ourselves apart by not settling for status quo but striving to make a difference. We want to be a light in the darkness.”


We are not your ordinary makeup company. We believe that through ordinary purchases we can make a difference in this world. Radiant Cosmetics was built around our passion to fight human trafficking. With every product you purchase we donate our time, money and effort to help fight the injustice.

As we like to say, we are fighting human trafficking one lipstick at a time.


The worldwide cosmetics and perfume industry currently generates $170 billion annually. Women dominate the cosmetics industry. Currently, of the over 2 million human beings trafficked annually, 80% are women and girls. We believe in educating women and empowering them to do something about this injustice.


Great question! We strive to donate as much as possible to anti-trafficking organizations. That number tends to vary in accordance to products sold. As of now we donate a minimum of 20% of profits from each purchase. As our company grows, we promise to increase our efforts physically, financially and spiritually to continue fighting human trafficking.

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  1. Hi how are you can i know if there any radiant products in australia usually i used it in lebanon but i dont find it here

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