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Today’s inspiration come from singer Rachael Sage, whose makeup and style aesthetic is haunting, beautiful, and artistic.  I recently asked her for her makeup and style inspiration, and she happily shared it with us.

“My name is Rachael Sage, and I’m a touring singer-songwriter, visual artist and actress. I’ve always been most inspired by color, and I’ve never been afraid to wear sparkly, glittery clothing or makeup. Ever since I was a little girl studying ballet, I’ve loved wearing bright colors and matching my makeup to my outfits, even when magazines said that wasn’t the trend. I guess I think of my face and body as just another part of my ‘canvas’ – and often, a way to start conversations and make new friends, whether I’m on the NYC Subway, or sitting in a coffeeshop on tour.”

  • In terms of my overall aesthetic, I’ve always been inspired by the work of colorful, soulful artists from Matisse, Picasso and Chagall, to contemporary Pop artists like Keith Haring and Andy Warhol.
  • I’ve also always loved watching figure skating not only because the artistry and athleticism are so incredible, but because the costumes and makeup are so glamorous!
  • I suppose my style could be described as “ballerina-gone-awry”; it’s definitely influenced by my ballet background, but also with a bit of New York punk-rock and eclectic art-student flair.


  • Right now, I’m on tour for a solid month so I only had room to pack my absolute favorite makeup because there’s just not that much room in the van with everyone’s luggage and instruments!
  • My favorite red lipstick right now is Maybelline’s “Very Cherry”, and sometimes on stage I add some hot pink glitter to it from FACE Stockholm.
  • The last thing you want on-stage is for your eye makeup to smear, so I’ve found a pencil that really holds well: Lancome’s “Le Crayon Khol” in “Noir” (black).
  • I use Smashbox Blush Rush in “Pose”, and CoverGirl LashBlast mascara in “black brown”.
  • Of course, I need my sparkly eye-shadow whether it’s day or night, and my two favorites at the moment are Mattese’s glitter green and Milani Cosmetic’s “Girls Luv Pink”, which I usually use only on my upper lid as a highlighter.
  • I use Smashbox “Photo Set” pressed powder in “Fair” to set everything, and use a bit extra when I’m performing.

You can find out more about my upcoming events and hear samples of my music at, and of course I’m also on Facebook ( and Twitter ( 

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