Take the “Time” Out of Timeless Beauty!

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In the world of “I needed that yesterday”, it helps if a lady can cut down on her primping time without sacrificing great face. Thankfully, cosmetic companies everywhere have felt our pain and created a plethora of products to suffice. Here are our top five favorites!

• Nars ~ The Multiple. Not only are these colors gorgeous on nearly every skin tone, but this gem packs a double punch by being the go to item for both cheeks and lips.

Stila ~ Convertible Eye Color. Gone are the days of searching through your beauty drawer for eye shadow, liner, and the tools to perform the magic. This multitasker has eyeliner on one end, a tool for smudging and blending on the other end, and a coordinated eye shadow color inside.

Guerlain ~ Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara. Most mascaras promise volume OR length but let’s face it, the average girl needs it all! Instead of wasting money on two different mascaras, this one comes with one formula and two brushes. One brush has long bristles for length and basic volume, the other with small bristles for tackling hard to reach spots like corners and bottom lashes to create depth.

Garnier Fructis ~ Miracle Dry Oil. Ever wish you could use just one lotion or moisturizer for your face, body, and hair? Wish granted! Made from olive and avocado extracts, this oil is light enough to use on the face but still has enough moisture muscle to tackle dry, frizzy hair.

Sally Hansen ~ Complete Salon Manicure. While a salon manicure always looks amazing, who really has the time? This polish has a base coat, color, and top coat all built into one time saving bottle.


  1. I love that Sally Hansen came out with an all in one polish. They now also have their gel polish stick ons. I wonder if anyone has used them? one thing I liked about the Shellac gel polish was that they were 3-free, free of the 3 chemicals that are toxic and damaging and found in most common nail polish products.

    1. I haven’t yet, but I will look into them!

  2. The Sally Hansen’s nail polish sounds really good. I wish I could buy them here in Japan!

  3. I like quick and easy with the schedule I keep! The convertible eye color would really cut the clutter in my purse, I’m not even sure what all I’ve got in there anymore.

  4. Thanks for sharing these beauty tips. I am using garnier moisturizer and it suits my skin very well.

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