How To De-Puff Your Eyes

How to de-puff your eyes

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I have a few perfect tricks that will help you when you wake up in the morning and your eyes are a little bit too puffy or you have some dark circles that need to vanish immediately.

  • The first trick is to find a great under eye moisturizer.
  • Next, find a really good under eye primer that helps to de-puff the eye with caffeine. You want to tap it in gently around the orbital bone of the eye.
  • Especially during the summer you can even keep these eye creams in the fridge so that they will have a cooling effect around the eye, which feels amazing.
  • The next step is to use a highlighter pencil for under the eyes. This isn’t going to replace your normal concealer but instead brighten up the under eye area and help to deflect the light and soften those bags.
  • You want to gently push the highlighter right in the areas where the shadows happen the most. And that’s on the inner corners of the eye. And then gently blend the product outwards.
  • You want the focus to be all on the inner corners. This is where the shadows and the puffiness tends to happen the most so this is where you really want to concentrate those light reflecting pigments. The great thing about it is that you might not need as much concealer as you think you did. These correcters can really change the appearance of those circles and puffiness instantly.

With those two simple tricks, you can battle away any puffiness or dark circles on the mornings when you’re not really feeling your best. Just have those two products in your arsenal and you can look your best every single day!

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