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Most recently I was able to try out a new line of skincare called Previse.  I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first because I am so used to “knowing what my skin needs”.  I have become quite stubborn when it comes to my skincare regimen, and am (or shall I say WAS) convinced I knew best.  Boy, was I wrong!

Previse is a new form of skincare that works with your skins past, present, and future. It takes into account 11 key factors that determine the state of your skin.  I was told I was a 1-2, and I have been thrilled with the process.

The three step regimen includes:

1) Previse Purify. As a first step, Purify aids in gently removing dead skin cells, excess oil, and other contaminants from your skin. Unlike bar, liquid soaps and make-up removers that may contain harsh surfactants or detergents, the Purify recipe is gently blended with a healthy mixture of aromatic botanicals and silky emollients that do not irritate or disturb your skin’s delicate lipid balance.

2) Nourish your skin with Nutrify: The recipe hydrates skin and helps promote cellular regeneration. With healthy doses of hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, and red algae, Nutrify helps fight free radicals and waterborne pollutants or additives like chlorine.

3) Pre-sun Defend solution: Helps prevent skin damage from sun exposure while aiding in the protection of cellular DNA. Our ZeroSilicone™ recipe is free of harsh preservatives, skin clogging silicones, petroleum and synthetic oils. As with all Previse products our Defend fragrance is derived from natural sources so it is non-lingering while providing aromatherapeutic benefits.  The products are light, refreshing, and ideal for summer!  I loved the aromatherapy and the ritual of warming up the products between my palms. It is extremely relaxing.

Here are the details:

Previse is a word in the English dictionary that literally means to “know in advance; to foresee.” Prevention is our passion.

Previse evaluates over eleven key factors to determine the optimal products for your three minute, three-step regimen including:

– The resting state of melanin in your skin
– Activated melanin levels from sun exposure
– Your tendency to skin problems
– Your family history with melanoma environmental over-exposure
– Your regional zone
– Your skincare history

To join Previse, take their Personal Skin Care Consultation. After your diagnostic evaluation, you have an opportunity to purchase products, create a Previse profile and engage with other passionate Previse members (like me!). The Previse algorithm evaluates over eleven key factors to determine the optimal products for your three-minute, three-step regimen. Use the Previse proprietary tool to evaluate your sun damage!


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