POP Beauty Conceal and Correct Pressed Powder

POP beauty Conceal and Correct Pressed mineral Powder

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Everyone needs a setting powder to give our foundation that soft finishing touch.  A good finishing powder can provide you with a long lasting finish for your liquid foundation, help to even out skin tone, and add warmth.  I tend to steer clear of translucent powders (both in my personal and professional life) due to the fact that they can leave a pasty, matte cast over the skin.

I find pressed powders the easiest to worth with, and the most flattering.  Recently, I was able to try POP Beauty Corrector Powder and I was pleased with the result.   The powder has 5 strips of corrective colors that help to even out your skintone, and create a soft glowy finish.

The colors strips are:

– Peach (minimizes darkness)
– Yellow Powder (minimizes redness)
– Translucent (works well as an eye cake primer)
– Nude (neutral congealer)
– Tan (neutral contour)

Makeup Artist Tips:   Use a stiff kabuki brush to buff the powder into the skin using circular motions. Use the peach powder under the eye as a setting powder over concealer; the peach color will help to brighten the under eye area and conceal dark shadows. To conceal redness apply the yellow powder on top of any red demarcations and pimples.  The nude stip is a great all around neutralizer, and can also be used as a base color for your eyeshadows.


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