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Affordable photo editing software

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I hate nothing more than checking out pictures only to discover my skin was splotchy or a big pimple popped up on my chin. Everything else looks great, but somehow all I can do is stare at my flaws. Something even worse is taking head shots that never turn out right. Don’t you wish you could fix photos or learn how to photoshop so you always look your best? This photo editor called FaceFilter3 from Reallusion puts professional photo editing tools at your fingertips.  Plus, it’s way more affordable than Photoshop.

Designed for Beauty

FaceFilter3 isn’t just another Photoshop clone. Instead, the program focuses on beauty. From makeup to facial reshaping, it does a little of everything. What I personally like best is the constant “before” and “after” photos side-by-side throughout the editing process so you see exactly how much of a difference your changes make.

Hundreds of Uses

Whether the photo didn’t take right (think random shadows or glare) or you have blemishes and wrinkles you’d rather not have reflected in a photo, FaceFilter3 will fix the problem. You can enhance your skin tone to get the healthiest look and a natural glow, erase blemishes completely and even use layers to clear away wrinkles.

Perhaps you’re having some puffiness or your smile isn’t shaped quite like you would like. I couldn’t believe the difference that a few tweaks could make in making you look younger or more even. Cute, chubby cheeks can be slimmed down to create a new vision of you.

Now for my favorite use – makeup. With lipstick, eye makeup and contouring, you can see exactly what your face would look like with different colors and styles before buying or using makeup at home. I love trying out new combinations and just going wild. It’s also fun to share the “after” photos to make friends jaws drop.

If beauty isn’t your thing, FaceFilter3 has you covered. With stunning smart editing, you can turn a plain photo into a true life-like memory. Bring out every color and erase imperfections. Add in lens effects and DSLR effects even after a photo has been taken.

What’s The Difference

Okay, so I know there are hundreds of tools that claim to do the same thing. Frankly, I think FaceFilter3 is one of those rare programs that delivers without being overly complicated. Easy to use menus and tools make it easy for beginners to start editing. Plus, Reallusion provides detailed tutorials to accustom you to menus and common edits.

Since I loved the makeup portion so much, I really loved the set of 51 free makeup elements you get just for registering. Plus, the program caters to every type of facial editing you could imagine, not just makeup or skin tone. It does it all for an affordable price. The Standard version is only $29.95, but you don’t get all features. For all features (PRO), the price goes up to $79.95. I’d recommend taking the PRO version for trial run before buying.

Honestly, I’ve never seen a single tool offer so much versatility and stunning results. Whether you want to try out new styles, edit a family photo or create stunningly professional head shots for resumes, you’ll only need a single program.



  1. OMG! I love how it auto creates the mask for you and you just have to drag to adjust. Doing that in photoshop takes a LOT longer!

  2. I am really looking forward to trying this amazing piece of software! It’s going to be lots of fun!

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