Who’s The Peanut Butter To Your Jelly? You Answered

Image courtesy:  Courtney Scott and Kiersten Rich

As we wrap up National Best Friend Month, we’re sitting down with our greatest source of inspiration: YOU! As we read your submissions, it was hard not to swoon, feel verklempt and even a little FOMO learning about the love and misadventures shared between you and your besties. Women are amazing gifts to other women: whether your BFF helps you survive that badly-lit changing room at the department store, or cooks you soup when you’re under the weather, our female friends bring warmth, laughter and the kindest form of honesty. (Laughter was a constant theme in all the submissions.) It’s been fun and inspiring to get a peek into your friendships as a reminder that there are so many fantastic girl-fish in the sea. You’ve shown us how lucky we all are: I mean, hey: Where would Oprah be without Gayle? Tina without Amy ? Taylor without… everybody?

So here we go, our favorite bestie duos share hilarious stories, beauty go-tos, and life advice. Damn, we love you.

IG:  @janetmaebloom @sirinbloom
The term “Style Sisters” is the definition of Janet and Christina’s long-lasting friendship. Upon meeting in the 6th grade, Janet complimented Christina’s eyebrows, Christina complimented Janet’s vest (this was the 90s) and from then on, it was fireworks. The two experimented with sun chokers, painted Doc Martens, and self-directed photo submissions for Sassy Magazine. Today, they’re the boss ladies of the caftan line sirin bloom, the brain-child of their early bold style tendencies.
IG: @reyesnoelle
Noelle and Bushra were brought together by a 7th grade project on the excretory system. Cooking each other survival dinners during stressful times is their signature move. They say they’re like Carl and Ellie from “Up” with a serious lust for adventure--if elephant sanctuaries, kayaking, skydiving, and Muse concerts aren’t part of your bestie adventures, you're clearly doing something wrong.
IG: @suzybirmingham @ccjanson012
These kindred spirits know they can always give the other a dose of brutal honesty whether it relates to home decor, fashion or men. They have an eternal bond promising to burn each others diaries when or if necessary. 
IG: @hannnahtorrey @maatubeezy
You never forget your first college bestie. Hannah and Trisha met through their roomies (they were sorta roomies), and then gushed about liking the same bands and an affinity for eating donuts. Laughing is one of their favorite activities. Their food telepathy is so in sync that they can predict what the other will order at a restaurant.
IG: @hello_motoe @shefness
On a hot 4th of July, Monique and Shefalee started chatting it up at a pool party as a group of mutual friends discussed workout regimens to make their boobs bigger. Shefalee was too tired to drive home, and crashed on Monique’s couch the first time they met. Together, they share a fondness for good lipstick and cuddling.
IG: @goblushyourself @kendrastuddert
Though reluctant to first meet, Coco and Kendra complied after a mutual friend insisted. They said it was love at first Vegas trip. Shortly after, the two started a their beauty business Go Blush Yourself and have rolled out salons and novelty beauty projects ever since. Their friendship bucket list includes visiting a shaman and going shark diving.



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