This Beauty Blog Gets a Makeover

The Makeup Blogger is Makeup Madeover

A makeup blog can be skin deep, but Makeup Madeover is not….   Why The Makeup Blogger Is Now Makeup Madeover The Makeup Blogger published its first blog post in 2008. A decade later, our world is a very different place. And while you can’t avoid change, you can actively choose to evolve—so I’m choosing […]

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Kiran Gandhi: Be Badass On International Women’s Day (And Everyday). Period.

International Women's Day

Photo: Anna Marie Lopez International Women’s Day in the #MeToo era On this International Women’s Day, we focus on Press for Progress, a global movement for gender parity ignited by #MeToo and Time’s Up catapulting solidarity and badassery to new depths. Finally, those who have suffered from sexual abuse, harassment or pay inequity feel emboldened to speak […]

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