Organic Skin Care Benefits


In honor of Earth Day, I thought I would talk about organic products and their benefits.  Organic skin care has become a huge boom in the industry because of the demand for high quality products that are not harmful to the environment and are gentle on the skin.  This is especially true for clients dealing with skin sensitivities, cancer, or allergies organic skin care is a necessity.  I have found that certain organic skin oils such as Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Argan Oil have been incredibly gentle when my skin becomes reactive to environmental or internal allergies.  For example; Argan Oil has been used by Moroccan women for centuries to maintain youthful looking skin, hair and nails.  The benefits of Argan-Oil are plentiful: Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxidant, Healing, Fortifying, and Restorative. So, why not try some au natural skin care for a change?

Here are some basic tips of why to try organic, and the things to look for.

Why Choose To Go Organic…

1. The products you choose are natural and safe

2. You choose products that are highly biodegradable

3. You support organic farming

4. You will discover how effective natural can be

5. You avoid petrochemical derivatives

6. You rediscover the wisdom of traditional beauty routines

7. You avoid synthetic fragrances

8. You help to protect bees

9. You pamper yourself

10. You use products that are safe, gentle, and particularly suited for delicate areas of the body

Make sure your products DO NOT CONTAIN any of the below:


• Parabens

• DMDM Hydantoin

• Phenoxyethanol


• Paraffin Oil

• Petroleum Wax

• Propylene Glycol


• Silicones

• Cocomide DEA


• PEGs (Polyethylene glycol)

• Phthalates


• Aluminium Chlorohydrate


  1. I’ve been wanting to go organic for ages but everything organic is simply out of my spending budget:( Thanks for this anyway!

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