Which Ombre Color Is For You?

Vanessa Hudgens Ombre Hair

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It’s hard to believe it but summer is almost over and fall is rapidly approaching. While the fun and carefree styles that come with summer are hard to let go of, the warm shades, textures, and styles of fall are the perfect cushion for the transition. Just as we change our wardrobe at the beginning of fall, changing our hair color can be equally as important. Bold, buttery shades of blonde and heavy highlighted brunettes are perfect for the summer sun, but richer more subtle shading is best for the changing season. For women who want a change but prefer low maintenance looks, ombre hair is perfect. You can go from subtle to dramatic, and the look is very easy to maintain. Here are our favorite ombre’ looks:

Gradual Fade of Shade:
For women with darker hair, going too light at the ends can feel more like a bad dye job than a trendy color. Instead of asking your stylist to highlight your tips blonde, ask him or her to gradually lighten your hair about 1-2 shades from mid length to tips. Remember to have your stylist add a few lighter strands around the face to help keep the look fresh. Camila Alves does it perfectly with a soft fade from dark chocolate brown to caramel.

Peek-A-Boo It:
If you’d like to try the ombre look but aren’t quite loving the full on dipped ends, go for some peek-a-boo highlights that really pop. Ask your stylist to pull a few strands from around your face and from underneath your hair. Ask him or her to vary the placement and thickness of the highlight for the most natural effect. Because there is much less color in this look, don’t be afraid to go several shades lighter with the highlights like Jessica Biel did. This look is still very low maintenance but not quite as dramatic as the typical ombre affect.

Blonde It Up:
Creating an ombre look on medium to dark blonde hair is perfect for fall. For ladies who love to be blonde, the look leaves you with enough lightness to keep you feeling fresh through fall, yet provides enough warmth to be on trend with the season. If you’re already very light, ask your stylist to apply a darker shade of blonde from crown to mid length. If you’re a medium to dark blonde, ask your stylist for a color several shades lighter to be blended from mid length to ends. Lauren Conrad has the perfect shade of ombre that gently fades from a medium beige blonde to nearly platinum.

For the best ombre results, take a photo of the look you like to your stylist, and be sure to confirm prior to your appointment that the stylist has experience with ombre or balayage highlights. Once you have your ombre hair ready to rock, give summer a sweet farewell and jump into fall head first!

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