Nurturing Force “Blot Out Offensive” Shine and Oil Control Cream

Nurturing Force "Blot Out Offensive" Shine and Oil Control Cream

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One of the biggest frustrations in my field is working with an actor or actress whose skin is misbehaving.  No amount of makeup can cover up or mask stressed out skin that is reacting to exhaustion, long hours on the set, or hormonal issues.  Overly oily skin can look greasy, or normally dewy skin can look shiny.  I adore my male clients, but they can be the worst when it comes to makeup meltdown.

The one thing I hate to do is constantly pile on the oil control powder or attack my client every 10 min with a blotting paper.  It’s not fun for anyone.

Last week at IMATS I was asked to try out a product that I have been hearing about for some time now.  When makeup artists talk, I listen.

Nurturing Force “Blot Out Offensive” Shine and Oil Control Cream is fast becoming a cult favorite among our industry.  I am so relieved to have discovered this jar of perfection.  I have been using it on my male clients for the past two weeks, and have been going gonzo over the results.  The instant you work this cream into the skin (I do so with a sponge) the pores are instantly smoother, and the shine dissipates completely.  I have been afraid that my employers don’t think I am working because I hardly ever have to do a touch up on the actors.  This stuff does wonders, and is invisible on HDTV and HD cameras.

Here are the details:

  • Makes skin into an instant matte / anti-shine canvas for you to apply makeup
  • An HD primer and barrier cream that controls oil secretion throughout the day
  • Provides excellent adhesion for all Airbrushed applications (Water, Alcohol & Silicone Airbrushed Foundations)
  • Great under all foundations including: Liquids, Powders, Creams Makeup, Mineral Makeup + Body Art.
  • This is Not A Gel Product
  •  A fast absorbing cream
  • Makeup does not slip, slide, crack or bubble as with other anti-shine liquids and gels.
  • Paraben-Free • Silicone-Free • Alcohol-Free
  • Moisturizes as it Solves, Controls Shine, and Oil Problems on the skin – Face, Body, Head
  • Non-Drying + Without Irritation.
  • Instant matte cream primer, with antioxidants & anti-aging naturally
  • Barrier Cream that Slows Degradation of Makeup
  • Eliminate Shine On Sealed Prosthesis
  • No Added Colors No Added Fragrances No Animal Testing

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