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As a beauty expert, I am always trying to keep up with the latest tips and newest artists on the scene.  But, if you are anything like me, you tend to find an artist that you connect with and become faithful to their tips.  I have been following Michelle Phan for quite some time, and have loved watching her grow her brand into the beauty powerhouse it is today.

I was lucky enough to interview Michelle and loved her down to earth tips.  Just like me, she feels that a good concealer is an absolute makeup must!

I was also able to try out her em by Michelle Phan The Everything Cream, and love to have it on hand as a lightweight, everyday staple.  It gives a fresh glow to the skin, and is truly an all in one product!  Perfect for on the go. Enjoy!

What are some product-saving tips that you do to fully utilize a product so it doesn’t go to waste? I use mascara as eyeliner. I take my angled eye liner brush and dip it in mascara and I use it as a gel liner. It actually lasts longer than gel liners because it’s waterproof. I use it a lot at the beach or when I need waterproof makeup.

What advice would you tell a woman with low self-confidence? There are no right or wrong ways to build self confidence, because right and wrong is subjective. Everyone is on a different path. Some universal tips are to remember.

  • 1) Confidence is like a mental muscle, and if you want your muscles to grow stronger, you need to exercise them. Consciously think positive thoughts, especially in moments when you are feeling down. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that life is too short and you have to make the best of it. Listen to music that will lift your mood. A good beat and sound has been proven to help people in a positive way.
  • 2) Find your qualities, and focus on the positive. If you don’t think you have a quality, ask yourself what you are good at. Everyone is good at something. Pick up on a passion and nurture it. This helps build self worth.
  • 3) Have a buddy system. Find someone you can trust and share your insecurities with.
  • 4) Pass your wisdom and gift unto others. Teaching, mentoring and caring for others is the greatest gift you can give to others and yourself. Not only is the other person going to feel better but you will too. Loving others will inspire you to love yourself.
  • 5) Stay positive.

What is the proper way to contour your face? Look at your face and see where the natural shadows are. Start drawing and mapping out the shadows that you see on your face. For me, I like to contour the sides of my nose using the contour side of my Contour and Highlighter Stick, Chiaroscuro. This helps elevate my nose bridge and gives me a taller looking nose. I like to look at my cheekbones and see where the shadows are and create lines. Then blend away! You don’t want to look like you have war paint on your face.

What are your three holy grail products? I always wear an SPF35 sunscreen. I stick to sunscreen made in Korea and Japan because they have the best texture and smell. I also use my em Arch Brow Liner pencil or eyebrow powder. The Arched pencil makes it so easy to draw on my brows without it looking fake. I also love using the em concealer from my own line as an everyday concealer. SPF lip balm is another must. Sun Bum makes a great lip balm.

Best tip on how to conceal a hangover? A good concealer saves anything. It can cover up your deepest darkest secrets. I love The Great Cover Up from my em Cosmetics line as it gives full, yet natural-looking coverage. It is inspired by the girl who needs a little help after staying up all night.

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