5 Out of a Million Reasons Why Michelle Obama Will Be Missed

Michelle Obama, FLOTUS

It really sucks when you have a close friend and their significant other is a drag.  But how  fantastic is it when you can make great conversation with either one, and adore both?  That’s how we feel about the Obamas.  

We wrote our goodbye missive to Barack, so now it’s time to send our final love letter to his wife, and our FLOTUS, Michelle.  

The Five Things We Love About Michelle Obama:

  1. Her Big Ole Brain: Michelle did her undergrad work at Princeton and earned her law degree from Harvard, so clearly she’s no slacker in the IQ department–and her husband’s equal.  Lest you forget, she was his boss when they met.  It remains to be seen what she will do now that she’s out of the White House and the kids are launched, but we are looking forward to that big ole brain continuing to make its mark on American culture.  At the tender age of fifty-two, there’s a whole lot more of Michelle to be revealed.  It will also be a privilege to watch Sasha and Malia develop into fantastic women, just like their mom.  
  1. That Speech: Speaking of girls, the First Lady gave one of the greatest American feminist speeches, ever.  In it, she slayed Donald Trump without mentioning his name by eloquently saying: “Strong men don’t need to put down women to make themselves feel powerful.  People who are truly  strong lift others up?”  She was grounded, honest, forceful and pulled no punches in her proud defense of womanhood.  

But that wasn’t her only great oratory achievement: At this summer’s Democratic National Convention, Michelle reminded us all: “When they go low, we go high.” We honestly hope we see some of this integrity, grace and wisdom from future First Ladies, but we’re not holding our breath.

  1. The Work She’s Done as First Lady: The FLOTUS has to have her projects, and Michelle chose to focus on childhood obesity, a very real national health crisis.  She planted a vegetable garden on the South Lawn of the White House (it will be managed by the National Park Service after she’s gone) to inspire us all to eat fresh food, and although the GOP pushed back against her improving school lunch programs too much, she began her Let’s Move campaign to help kids get more physical activity.  But that’s not all: Michelle Obama has been a tireless advocate for our military families, education for girls around the globe and LGBT rights.  As far as we’re concerned, M.O. has her heart and her mind in the right place, concentrating on real problems with real solutions.  We love her for that.

When Michelle entered the White House, she was perceived by naysayers as a potential liability, and yet she has been able to make an impact on core issues and will leave Pennsylvania Avenue as one of the most trusted, celebrated and beloved figures in American history.  Oh how we pine for Michelle in 2020.  She continues to be adamant she will not run for public office (we believe her) which makes us love her all the more.

  1. Her Style: Could Michelle be any cooler?  Whether it was dancing, acting or doing carpool karaoke, Michelle simply rocked our world.  She’s strong, expressive, and clearly has the healthy self-esteem of someone who can laugh at herself.  She even sat down for an interview with YouTube beauty sensation Michelle Phan to promote Let Girls Learn.  She rocked Jason Wu (twice!) for the inaugural balls, and although designers from all over the world are vying to dress her, she’s consistently shows support for American ones.  Ever heard of the Michelle factor?  Whether it be Narciso Rodriguez or J.Crew, items worn by FLOTUS are immediately sold out or on backorder.  

And have you seen her most recent and last cover for Vogue?  Swoon.  Her makeup artist, Carl Ray, has one of the most coveted jobs in the industry.

We haven’t been so that we’ve been hypnotized by a First Lady’s glamour and brains since Jacqueline Kennedy.  The FLOTUS is among the most distinguished and glamorous female dignitaries of the world which include the likes of: Queen Rania of Jordan, Queen Letizia of Spain and The Duchess of Cambridge.  Our gal wasn’t born into an aristocratic family nor did she develop a faux accent from finishing school, but when your name is M.O., the world bows down—even Queen Bey! Not bad for a gal born on the South Side of Chicago.    

Very much her own person, the FLOTUS is able to balance dignity with humor, fame with humility and beauty with intellect.  

  1. Those Guns: Come on, who has those arms? We should call her the First Sleeveless Lady given how good she looks in a summer dress.  And if we are going to objectify (just a little), it’s a shame not to mention that she’s a full five feet eleven, and every inch a beauty.  And yeah, she’s black.  So not only is our departing BFF gorgeous, stylish and self-possessed, she’s a history-maker.  As if we could love her any more…

So here’s to our fantastic Michelle.  We will never forget you.  We wish you all the best on your next great adventure.  Wanna catch Jackie this weekend? : D


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  1. Love her, she has been an inspiration these last 8 years and I am looking forward to seeing what she’s able to do in the future as well!

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