Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids

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Much like your wardrobe needs a bit of high voltage color in the summertime, your makeup could use some power colors too. While a complete color overhaul may be too much to endure during this scorching season, switching up your lip shade is an easy fix. Summer is all about color and playfulness, so don’t be afraid to try something new and unexpected. To prove that amazing shades don’t have to be accompanied by wallet busting prices, we chose to focus on the Maybelline New York Color Sensational Vivids line. At less than $6.00 a pop, they’re both beautiful and affordable. These are just a few of our favorite shades for a powerful summer pout!

Code Red:
Red is perhaps the easiest of the bright lips to pull off and works well for both daytime and nighttime looks. For a change of pace, opt for a brighter red versus a traditional dark hue. Because this is the most conservative of the lip colors, it can easily be paired with a little black dress or your favorite power suit. Our pick for the best red is Maybelline’s unforgettable shade of, “Neon Red”.

Color Me Pink:
This is not your mother’s pink. Forget the shades that whisper subtle innocence. The bright pink lip is all about getting noticed and having fun! This lip is a versatile one, so feel free to pair it with your favorite maxi dress, summer short ensemble or use it as your main accessory to dress up the jeans and a t-shirt look. Our pick for a favorite pink was Maybelline’s high voltage shade of “Fuchsia Flash”.

Orange You Glad You’re Extraordinary:
For all of you super bad divas who laughed off the first two shades mentioned as total child’s play, get a pout that packs a serious punch with a bright shade of orange. This shade is not for the average wall flower and will certainly have all eyes on you. The bright orange lip screams rock and roll chick and goes well with damaged jeans, vintage t’s, mini dresses, and if you’re game, even some leather leggings. Our top pick for orange perfections is Maybelline’s outrageous shade of, “Electric Orange”.
Remember, with a lip this strong the rest of the face should remain somewhat neutral. Go light on eye makeup and blush to allow your lips to remain the focal point of your makeup masterpiece!


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