The Only Anti-Frizz You’ll Ever Need

marco pelusi antifrizz
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Now that my hair back to blonde, I am having to be vigilant with my hair care routine, to make sure my hair stays soft and vibrant.  Luckily for me, I have the help of the uber talented Marco Pelusi, who helped me tame my tresses, and turned my hair from ravishing red to sultry blonde.  But, my favorite thing about Marco (actually, there are many favorite things…he is such a cool dude) is his leave in conditioner.  This product have left my hair soft and anything but brittle blonde.  Though it does so many amazing things, for starters–this is the only anti-frizz you’ll never need.

Marco’s signature product is an exclusive anti-frizz formula that repairs, restores and rebuilds, leaving the hair and scalp comforted and protected. It is an amazing detangler, frizz eliminating treatment that helps to provide a workable softness on even the roughest of hairs.  My course, thick, and wavy hair drinks this conditioner up!  Yet, it is incredibly light, so your hair will never feel weighed down or limp.

Here is the breakdown:

    • Naturally derived from coconut, cetrimonium chloride is the most potent anti-frizz element available to moisturize and neutralize static electricity; effects last for up to 72 hours even when rinsed with water.
    • USP grade Vitamin E, one of the most powerful antioxidants available from nature, protects the hair from hostile environmental factors, including pollution, aging and stress.
    • Apricot essential oils fight dryness and cell dehydration.
    • Natural moisturizing factors, including sodium pca, volumize the hair.


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