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When it comes to eye makeup, every girl loves to try new looks. Sadly, when it comes to creating those looks, the risk of finding more color on your face then on your eyes is always high. Personally, I am more of an eyeliner girl. I don’t do super bold shadow, but do love a good smoky eye and a bold cat eye line.

When I first opened the Makeup Guard Cards I honestly wondered how they would even be helpful. The thought seemed awkward and difficult, but the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is insanely awesome!

Here’s the scoop… The Makeup Guard Cards work wonders for both shadow and mascara. They kept even my deepest of black eye shadow right where I wanted it. No longer did I need to grab the makeup remover to end all traces of black under my eyes thanks to shadow dustings, the guard kept my face clean and clear of error. On a date night last weekend I went for full on lashes (a look I rarely attempt thanks to fear of spider eyes). Again, the Makeup Guard Card saved the day allowing me to apply mascara to my lower lashes without clumping or saturating the skin beneath my lash line, (finally, lashes to rival any Kardashian)!!!

My final and favorite trial was with my eyeliner. As mentioned above, I’m a cat eye lover. If I could channel the likes of Brigitte Bardot or Sophia Loren every day in bathroom as my muse, trust me I would. Unfortunately, I simply have to wing it with my favorite gel liners, and at least in the past, a prayer.

Now, maybe uneven lines are common for most or maybe my 6:00 am beauty routine just leaves my brain incapable of complying and allowing my hand to do as I wish, but I’ve had more eye makeup do-overs in my past then I’d like to count. Insert OllieGirl Makeup Guard Cards for do-over no more!

Seriously, not only do the cards help me create a perfectly angled line regardless of pre-caffeine hand shaking, they also have a little ruler on them so you can create a line of the exact same length on each side! To this I simply say, BRILLIANT!! If that were not enough to make you want to jump on the OllieGirl bandwagon, the cards are also dishwasher safe and only $8.95 for a two pack! So no more fumbling through the eye makeup dark ages wishing to recreate the look of Megan Fox only to resemble Alice Cooper.

Grab your own pair of OllieGIrl Makeup Cards and finally put your best face forward!


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  1. This is awesome! Thanks! Im definitely going to pick this tool up! I’ve always had a problem with all of the things you mentioned. I’ve used pieces of paper in the past but I’m so glad someone came out with an actual makeup tool for this. The paper never worked great and I was always worried about sanitary issues using something near my eyes but this is washable! Can’t wait to buy it.

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