Makeup on a Budget by Kevin James Bennett


Today it is easier than ever to look spectacular without breaking the bank. Here are the top 5 price-friendly must-haves from makeup artist, beauty expert and multiple Emmy Award winner Kevin James (KJ) Bennett.

I can see the raised eyebrows and a lot or you saying, “this stuff looks just like Cetaphil”. Just to let you know, Coria Labs has integrated some great new technology into the same product type. The startling fact is that CeraVe is not only gentler than the iconic Cetaphil, it’s also more hydrating with many additional benefits …FOR THE SAME PRICE.
The Hydrating Cleanser can be used on ALL skintypes (especially highly sensitive rosacea conditions). It will loosen and remove dirt, germs, excess oils, dead cells and cosmetics without irritating the skin or depleting essential moisture.


Mehron got a bunch of high level MUA’s together and asked them how to take their original Celebre’ cream makeup formula to the Pro HD Level. Don’t get us wrong, the original wasn’t bad…but it wasn’t a lot more than just OK either.
The reboot is on point! Oil-free, non-greasy and fragrance-free with an excellent buildable satin finish coverage (matte doesn’t work in HD). Because it’s oil-free, it can be used on all skin types and just for extra “feel good” appeal they added antioxidants vitamin E and pomegranate plus aloe vera to help soothe the skin. Now get this – a full 1oz jar of professional strength foundation is $10.95!


It’s always been hard to find great bronze colors for global skin-tones. Problem solved thanks to CoverGirl. The colors are beautifully balanced and work on ALL skin-tones from Ivory to Ebony. The mineral-enriched formula has oil-controlling ingredients to combat unwanted shine, but leaves behind a softly glowing (not shimmery) demi-matte finish. So, we have three gorgeously warm colors that give a luxury brand finish …at this wallet-friendly price ($6.99)? You’d be crazy NOT to buy all three. Almost forgot, they won the InStyle Best Beauty Buy award in 2011.

A makeup artist fave when you have no time to mess around with false eyelashes. In the blink of an eye it fattens up lashes to a super lush, distinctly “faux” effect. Think eleganza extravaganza as you raise the wand …because this is definitely not the mascara for a “natural” look.
BTW – Don’t even think about getting any color other than “Carbon Black”


Creamy texture, high shine lacquer finish, serious color payoff…at under $6! No wonder this stuff is a pro artist’s best kept secret. The fact that it comes in 50 colors (yes, I said 50) is just plain mind boggling. It gives so much and asks for sooooo little…can you marry a lip gloss?

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