Make Up Forever Sculpting Powder

Makeup Forever Sculpting Powder

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There are some makeup products that I adore using for my work, but would never use during my “real life”.  Life just gets way too busy to even think of taking the extra time for massive makeup overhauls.  I, like everyone else, barely have time to throw on mascara and concealer (but I do…for the sake of those around me!).

I have been using contouring powders for my professional work for years, yet I have never even thought of trying it out on myself….until this week.  For some reason, the bloating gods decided to visit me this weekend.  And of course this is the weekend that I needed to be anything but bloated.  I needed to be chiseled cheeks, and skinny perfection for an event I would be attending.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.

So, I went to the mall to my trusty Sephora store and purchased the Make Up For Ever Sculpting Powder in palate #1.  Presto!  Baby bloat cheeks were gone.  Why haven’t I taken the time to do this before!  I have always thought of sculpting powders as something purely theatrical, but I was amazed at how natural this powder looked.  Most contour powders I have used professionally are way too intense for everyday use.  Yet this powder is so finely milled that it almost melts into the skin.  The colors are not too brown or muddy, and the highlighting powder it comes with is the perfect shade of soft pink.  I was more than impressed, and will now be using this on a frequent basis for those days I want to look more polished and “sculpted”.

Makeup Artist Tip: To effectively use the powder I suggest applying it with a  contour blush brush by MACThe shape of the brush allows you to have a precise angle while applying powder onto your cheekbones.   Also, if you accidentally are too heavy handed with the contour color, you can blend the highlighter on top to soften.  When both colors in the palate are combined they create a very soft neutral brown with a hint of shimmer.

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