Make up Forever Flash Color Case

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I am often asked what’s the one product I can’t do without is in my professional kit. Right now I am currently obsessed with Make Up Forever Flash Color Case. This is a staple in every makeup artist’s kit. Make Up Forever is one of the most prominent makeup artist cosmetic lines on the market, and this product was one of the first products created by the founder Dany Sanz. Sephora introduced this to the mass market, and now it is one of the most popular products in the line.

I was introduced to this by a fellow artist who uses this palette for everything from mixing foundation, blush, or lipstick, and now I am doing the same thing. I have been using this on every set, or photo shoot and have had the most amazing success with it.

This palette has 12 cream colors, made to blend together, use separately, or use as a color base for eye shadows, blush, or lipgloss. The colors included are: metallic gold, vibrant coral, light turquoise, bright fuchsia pink, vibrant yellow, dark brown,metallic silver, pure white, bright red, bright royal blue, bright green, and pure black.
Makeup Artist Tips:

– To make a great concealer, blend the peach, yellow, and white to create a creamy peach base (for darker completions, add the brown cream to intensify the color).
– Mix the dark brown with the gold shimmer for a sultry cream eyeshadow that is perfect for nighttime. For added intensity use the black cream as an eyeliner, making sure to blend into the upper lash line with an angled brush.
– For a soft and sexy blush blend the peach, pink, and silver for the perfect natural glow. You can also use this blend as a base for your normal powder blush, or as a great summer lipstick. For darker skin tones, add a touch of the red to intensify the color.
– Use the white to lighten and soften any of the colors. Use the black to deepen and intensify the colors.
– Remember that a little goes a very long way.  The creams are rich and highly pigmented.  Blend the colors first until you get your desired shade before applying the colors to your face.

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  1. I swear you are a genius. I have been going back and forth on this FOREVER and now I am sold!! I have the white flash color and LOVE it!! Now, with these great tips, I have even more reason to get it. Thanks for always writing such wonderful reviews and always giving fantastic tips! <3 -D

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