Make Up Forever Aqua Cream Colors

Make Up Forever Aqua Flash Color Case pot

Image: Makeup Forever

One of the best things about having friends who are makeup artists is that I can beg them for information on the latest and best products.  One of my favorite artists, Kevin James Bennett introduced me to the brand new Make Up Forever Aqua Flash Color Case pot colors.  Oh. My. Goodness.  These are ravishing.  Although Kevin happens to work with Make Up Forever, I trust his honesty, and integrity as an artist because his blog In My Kit is one of the best all inclusive guides for makeup artists trying to figure out what products are used in the industry (such a great read, and I know I have said it before, but read it!).  If he says it’s amazing I believe him….and then I run out and try the product immediately.

The new Aqua Flash Color Case Pots are usable on the eyes, cheeks, and lips, which make them an amazing all-in-one product.  This is a product you keep in your office desk, purse, and bathroom.  Not only is the texture smooth as suede, but the longevity it outstanding.  There is no better way to test out a new “waterproof” product than be stuck in the rain.  The product passed with flying colors.

This is a product that I would recommend for professional AND personal use.  To be quite honest, I have used it more on myself than in my kit.  I am that crazy about it.  I love the soft peaches for cheeks and lips, and the elegant browns and greys for the eyes.

Makeup Artist Tip:  Use the peachy and pinks as a beautiful lip and cheek base.  Top the color with clear gloss on your lip for a beautiful pout.  Use as a cheek base, and top with a sheer powder blush one or two shades lighter for a soft burst of color.

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