How To Wear Magenta Lipstick

How to wear Magenta lipstick
Image courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

Today’s question is, “How to wear magenta lipstick?”

You can either do it a couple of ways. You can do a clean classic face with the dark magenta lip or you can do what we’re about to show you right now which is a very dramatic theatrical look with the magenta lip being the center focus and the eye shadow having complementary colors.

As you can see in the video above, we’ve created a really dramatic and beautiful look with the eyes. Those soft purples of plums are going to enhance and compliment this deep magenta lip.

With a dark color, you always want to apply with a lip brush to make sure that you get a precise look on the lip, and that you really have a lot of control with the application. Now, as you can see, this was a really dramatic and stunning look with the magenta lips being the focus, but the eyes still having that sultry look that just enhances the deep undertones of the magenta lip.


  1. I love magenta lipsticks, and I could not wait to wear one again. I had cosmetic surgery recently so no to make up until now. I have been following your blog here Christina and your posts are amazing!

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