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What a brilliant use of color!  I love cosmetics that go beyond outer beauty and focus on who I actually am. Lush’s Emotional Brilliance line for eyes, lips and skin provides a wide range of completely vegan cosmetics that caters to a person’s personality, ambitions and inner desires. Think of it as the cosmetic that truly showcases who you are inside and out. Plus, all natural ingredients are great for your skin.

The line features 18 shades for eyes including options such as Independent, Dynamic and Calm. Since you know I’m addicted to double duty products, the moisturizing almond oil just makes me love these shadows and liners even more. If you need to highlight or add a bit of tint to your skin, Lush features three shades for preventing shine, highlighting and add warmth to all skin tones. For sensitive skin, these are a must as they don’t clog pores or irritate skin. And, to top it off, they are Cruelty Free!

Now for my favorite – 13 brilliant shades of lip color. The lipstick softens lips and it’s also buildable to get just the right shade every time. With color that stays put, you’ll feel confident showing your true emotions.

I highly recommend playing the color reading game first. The recommendations for me were spot on and it’s a fun way to try new colors in the Lush Emotional Brilliance line.


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