Lord and Berry Line ‘n’ Shade Eyeliner

Lord and Berry Line n' Shade Eyeliner

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I am a sucker for eyeliners.  I am a true believer that they can pull your look from blah to bravo in an instant.  My only major qualifications for an eyeliner are that they must be waterproof and the pencil should provide a smooth application.  Even a teeny gust of wind will have my eyes watering and God forbid I see a sad movie…without a waterproof formula, I would have makeup meltdown and end up looking like Baby Jane!  Not a pretty sight to behold.

My current eyeliner obsession is with Lord and Berry Line ‘n’ Shade.  These outstanding little pencils hold up, even while watching the depressing movies.  The best part is that the liners do not pull on the sensitive eye area, and they are impressively blendable.  Most waterproof eyeliners play tug of war with your eye, and have a very dry tip but this glides right on.  Kudos to the color pigmentation, the color payoff is very intense and the color you see on the package is the color you get on your eyes.
The best part of all is the price.  These lovely liners are less than $8, so you can grab up a few different colors and experiment with new looks.   You will be the prettiest gal at the beach, thanks to these melt proof wonders.

Makeup Artist Tip:  My favorite trick to really make the eye pop is to use two different colors.  I adore using Plum (a deep matte brownish plum) on the upper lash, and then applying Bronze (a warm terra cotta, shimmery brown) on the lower lash line.  This combination looks great on most skin tones, and is a great alternative to your everyday brown.  Also, try Navy in place of Black for a bright summertime take on the smokey eye!


  1. OMG, can you find these in SD or do you have to purchase them online? I’m a sucker for a good liner and I’ve heard so much about this brand but I can’t find it in SD. Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi!

    I don’t know of a specific retailer in SD, but you can get these liners on Amazon.com

    You will love them! Bronze is my go to color.

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