LORAC Desire Blush

LORAC Desire Blush

Image: Beautylish

The easiest way to perk up your look, or achieve a youthful glow is to find the perfect pink blush.  I have a handful of favorites (and that list is always changing), but I have steadily been relying on LORAC Desire blush for years.  It looks shockingly neon pink in the pot, but goes on sheer and imparts the most incredible, natural flush.  The color has a hint of sheen, so it will give you a bit of a glow. The founder, and celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw  (whose clients include Debra Messing) states that “I use my Desire blush to get a rosy red carpet glow”.

Another great way to enhance this glow is to layer this powder blush over a soft gel tint.  I like LORAC’s Sheer Wash in Sheer Luck.  This sheer tint can be used on cheeks and lips for a all natural boost of color.  The gel glides on with the roller ball, and leaves a nice, subtle stain.  And, the best part is that is works double duty.  Easy beauty in a stick.

Makeup Artist Tip: The great thing about this blush is that it is buildable and can be adjusted for every type of skintone.   For fairer skin, use a light hand and apply with a fluffy brush.  For darker skin tones, you can apply a little more, with are firmer brush for extra color.

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