Here’s The Makeup That Will Survive Your Hottest Date Night

So, you’ve got a Valentine’s Day date. Whether your faithful beau is treating you to a night off the couch or you’re throwing “Singles Awareness Day” cliches to the wind and meeting up with a lucky Tinder-boo, I’m here to help make sure your face stays in place with the best long-lasting makeup.

Laying the Foundation.

Let’s start with the basics: You’re going in to greet your date. That first hug and cheek-peck combo is dangerous territory for makeup transfer. Not to mention, if things do get steamy later on, you may have to deal with your arch nemesis—sweat, or worse yet, white sheets! Try these great foundations guaranteed to stick around while you focus on the fooling around.

Kat Von D Lock-It Long-lasting makeup foundationKat Von D Lock-It Foundation ($35) 

Like many matte foundations, this one touts its waterproof and fadeproof qualities, but I can confirm it really withstands the elements. This foundation is totally resistant to transfer thanks to a high-tech blend of “binding elements.” Even oily skin types can work with its creamy, light feel, and it’s available in 30 wide-ranging shades.

Bobbi Brown Long-lasting makeup foundationBobbi Brown Foundation ($50) 

This lightweight foundation is water-based and oil-free (the magic formula for preventing greasy run-off—especially if you’re notoriously oily). But don’t fear looking like chalk. This works gloriously to give you a natural, hydrated glow and it’s available in 31 shades.

Quick Tip: If you’re still a bit paranoid about getting foundation everywhere, mist on some setting spray (realistically, this is the best you can do!). Look down below for some options.


Gaze Into Their Eyes.

Get eyeliner that won’t rub you the wrong way, even if your date does. (Because there are only so many guarantees in life, right?) And maybe you can’t be sure of a follow-up date, but here are some eyeliners you can trust to stay put.

Em Cosmetics Matte Gel Pencil long-lasting makeup Em Cosmetics Matte Gel Pencil ($15) 

This dreamy, creamy liner is easy to apply and verified waterproof. It glides on jet black and stays put — as well as a high-end gel product.


Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner long-lasting makeupEyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner ($22) 

I love Eye Do for its fine-point, marker-like applicator as much as its staying power (and, obviously, its name). It glides on like a pen, and it seriously does not budge!

Quick Tip: Use small brush and blot a thin line of dark waterproof eyeshadow on top of your liner to seal it in place.


Lip Service.

Talk dirty with a lipstick or stain that won’t fade… or stain literally everything but your lips. We’ve all been there, right? Lock lips worry-free with these long-lasting shades that won’t leave you running to the bathroom every 30 minutes for a touch-up.

Benefit rose-tinted cheek and lip stain long-lasting makeupBenefit rose-tinted cheek and lip stain ($30) 

This product does double the duty, as it can act as a blush as well as a lip stain. Rose-tinted is their most popular shade, but it comes in four other hues. Plus, you’ll fall in love with the cute little brush applicator. This stain passed the cheek-kiss test with flying colors (that didn’t fly anywhere!) at the food-filled family holiday shindig.

Cailyn Cocoon Lip Stain long-lasting makeupCailyn Cocoon Lip Stain ($22) 

Who doesn’t want makeup they can play with?! This new technology may require some experimenting to get the depth of color you desire (so try it February 12 and 13, just in case). Paint your lips, wait ten minutes and peel to reveal your sexy stained pout. It comes in four bold matte colors. I can usually identify my wine glass by its pigmented rim, but the Cocoon Lip Stain kept me guessing at last night’s wine + whine night with the girls!

Quick Tip: Prep your lips with a good scrub before applying lip product. If you don’t have one handy, sugar and coconut oil will do the trick.


The Warm-Up.

Bronzer should help you sparkle all night long, not leave your date glitter-bombed. Cupid was not thinking about your glow up when he decided to put Valentine’s Day in the dead of winter. Check out these long-lasting bronzers that will maximize your natural, smitten glow.


Marc Jacobs Omega Bronze Perfect Tan ($49)

This bronzer really creates warmth without sheen. An Allure Best of Beauty 2017 Winner, the color seems to work well with tons of skin tones, and as a bonus, it works great for contouring or for body bronzing.

L’Oreal Paris Summer Express Wash-Off Face Bronzer Cream ($11.99)

This product is a cream, so it applies gently, almost like a light sunscreen or moisturizer. I took this for a spin for a day at the beach, and it didn’t melt away while I melted in the sun. At an accessible price point, this has become one of my faves.

Quick Tip: A little bronzer goes a long way. Stick to areas like just under the cheek bones and the forehead, and use a blending brush to keep it looking natural. Also note that dusting the bronzer too high on the cheeks might make you look windburned (if that isn’t your thing).


Hook, Line and Wink-er.

I highly advise you steer clear of rom-coms on V-Day, but hey, sometimes the hook-up’s so good it makes you cry? Either way, nobody looks good with mascara running down their face, so take my advice and check out these choices.

Blinc Mascara Amplified ($26)

Blinc has mastered their waterproof formula to make sure you don’t get clumps, flakes or smudges. It applies a bit drier than traditional mascara, but it binds really well to the lashes and allows for as much layering as you want. Honestly, rom-com away with this one… just not on Valentine’s Day.

Dior Diorshow Waterproof Mascara  ($29.50)

Diorshow is a total go-to for dramatic lashes, and their waterproof edition has withstood long wear and long cries, alike. The application is quite a bit wetter than Blinc’s version, so make sure you let your lashes dry a bit before blinking too much.

Quick Tip: Use a clear lash primer to moisturize and volumize before you apply mascara for an extra popping look.


Don’t Reveal All Your Secrets.

If you want to cover up scars, acne or your seasonal Vitamin D deficiency, these trusty concealers are great to have on hand.

Make Up For Ever Water Blend Face and Body Foundation ($43)

While this is technically a foundation, I’ve found it’s great for light touch-ups and spot treatments. It comes in 20 inclusive shades, and it’s got a water-gel texture that lets you layer to even out trouble spots.


Dermablend Quick-Fix Body  ($29)

This product is compact (think purse-friendly!) and my actor friends have used it to cover up tattoos for auditions so you KNOW it packs a punch. It’s light and creamy and blends easily, available in ten shades.

Quick Tip: Dab concealer to blend and keep it in place — you can use a sponge, a tissue or your finger.


Lock It In.

Let’s keep the beat in place, shall we? A reliable setting spray will ensure all of our former long-lasting makeup tips add up to a show-stopping, date-crushing you. Here are a couple great options.


Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray ($32)

If V-Day lasts all night long, you will be so happy you used this miracle worker! Another can’t-live-without, Urban Decay’s setting spray mists on so lightly and doesn’t make you feel like you’ve got hairspray face. No cracking or fading, your look isn’t complete without it.

Cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray ($31)

Alcohol-free, this matte setting spray is a must for those with oily skin who want their face to survive all day with or sans makeout session.

Quick Tip: Spray your makeup brushes with setting spray before applying concealer or foundation, and you’ll get some added staying power.

We’re here for the February 14th festivities—you deserve it. Hopefully this list helps you leave a good impression, leave them wanting more, or at the very least, leave with your face on!

Annette Cirelle is a writer torn between two coasts but mostly based in Los Angeles. Most days she's a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, but you will never find her without a manicure. Instagram & Twitter @annettecirelle


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